Aleena Zahir To Make History In Ghana

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This years Republic Day in Ghana is bearing signs of great African connections as well as manifestations of the call for African unity through enlightenment.

The Republic Day City Jam happening on 1st July in Ghana will see Aleena Zahir on stage at the Vienna City yard performing alongside Ghana’s “Solo ” hitmaker Article Wan who recently featured the BET award winner Stonebwoy.

According to organizer of the Republic Day City Jam Nana Asante Clickwise of QBE Ghana this years holiday will be the biggest event in the royal city of Kumasi, mentioning trending acts like Ayesem of Koti fame as well as Rootikal Swagger, Rap Tonque , Zakia, Anamon and other performers who will be gracing the event.

Aleena Zahir (formerly known as Brenda) is the 2nd born in a family of 7. She was born in 1987 in the Ishaka-Bushenyi District of Uganda, East Africa. Being raised in the Church (her father is a Reverend), she always was interested in reading the scriptures of God and seeking understanding.

As a little girl she had a strong passion for music and enjoyed singing in the church. Early in life, she knew that singing was a perfect way to express the feelings of her soul. Aleena finally discovered herself a real singer at the age of 12, while at secondary school. She started to write songs of her own which were performed on several occasians in Mbarara, Uganda. At High-School her love for music intensified even more and she wrote more songs and very many songs in the line of gospel.

In 2006 she recorded her first single “It’s all about me” which got airplay around the country. However, her ambitions were leading to trouble with her parents, who wanted her to acquire a more “respectable” job. So in the same year, she was able to join Makerere University where she studied Environmental Science. Besides her studies she made several attempts to get recognized, which included curtain rising for artists at the university and visiting different studios for possible support.

Despite her efforts, she was still unnoticed and in confusion about how to achieve her goal. After graduation from the University and receiving her degree, the economic situation and hard conditions in Uganda forced her to move into a poor one room house (deep in the Slums)… jobless, hopeless and directionless. Being left in such a desperate situation, she prayed for guidance…

In 2011, at age 24, she understood that only God had the solution to her problems. She started to link up with European and Ugandan producers to create a new dimension of Music. Merging powerful and stirring Black Music with african singing style. However, Aleena’s priority has not been just the sound, but also the lyrical content of her songs. In all of her songs, Aleena is giving messages of love, truth and wisdom to the listeners. She says in her own words:

“God was guiding me, because I understood that all my setbacks served a greater purpose. I was reflecting on my life and learned who I am. Music being my passion, I realized that most of today’s black music is destructive and influencing our minds in a negative way. So instead of becoming just a regular singer, God was guiding me to use my creativity in a positive way. Now, after great sacrifice and one year of production, my album “Making History” finally is completed.

It is called “Making History” because We have the power to control our own destiny, and God is with us to make this world a better place. My music is a humble effort to entertain and inspire people at the same time. From Africa to the whole world… We are Making History.”

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