Guns And Armies Can Not Solve Problems – Obuasi Galamsey Chairman

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galamseyThe Chairman of small scale miners association in Obuasi, Chairman Kumah this morning advised the management of Anglogold Ashanti (AGA) to exercise caution in the imminent rivalry between small scale miners and Anglogold Ashanti.

On #Fontomfrom morining show on OFM today, Chairman Kumah recounted that the small scale miners association had been holding talks with the ministry of lands and natural resources as well as AGA to soften the economic hardship of Obuasi people by allocating a portion of its concession to small scale miners.

Last month, after the visit of the Minister for lands and natural resources to Obuasi, news came out that Anglogold Ashanti has released 60 percent of its concession to the local government. This aroused the hopes of over 5,000 unemployed able people in the district that very soon small scale mining in Obuasi will bounce back.

A few weeks after the news on AGA`s concession release to government, some recalcitrant galamsey operators out of hunger and joblessness took the lead to commence work on sites that have been long abandoned and allowed to fallow by Anglogold Ashanti. This caused the company`s officials to attack these small scale miners as talks on the available sites were still ongoing between the two parties.

According to Chairman Kumah, AGA officials who went there to stop galamsey miners from working on their abandoned sites threaten to spray hot water on them which aroused tension between the two. As a result of the threats, the heat took a different turn as the galamsey workers had to protect themselves against AGA threats.

The head of communications for Anglogold who was present at the site unfortunately lost his life when AGA he got run over by an Anglogold Ashanti driver who was speeding away from the scene.

Chairman Kumah on #Fontomfrom told OFM that, “the managing director of AGA was there and threatened to release hot water on the small scale miners, so i called the police commander and the MCE, we went there and had a cool chat with the boys who obeyed us respectfully”. He further explained that, “the death of John Owusu did not come by the hand of any galamsey worker, it was an Anglogold driver who knocked him down after failing to call on the police to handle the situation.”

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