New Dawn Gets Set For PPP Primaries In Akim Oda Constituency

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The much awaited primaries for the Progressive People’s Party has been open according to Daily Graphic, where the general secretary Mutala Mohammed confirmed the party’s preparation towards the impending 2020 general elections.

Baa Abora the strongest alternative candidate in the Akim Oda constituency has set his gears to kickstart his campaign for the PPP primaries.

According the the PPP secretary in Akim Oda, Ampaabeng disclosed that his candidate is ready for the battle ahead and all efforts is being pushed to nominate executives for various positions.

In a tet-a-tet with the personal assistant of Baa Abora and also his communications officer Ansa Sasraku, the candidate is a solid choice and a better representative of Akim Oda in Parliament.

Talks around the constituency has indicated the need for change and progress for the people of Akim Oda as the NDC and NPP has failed to deliver the necessary.

Ansa Sasraku in an interview has confirmed the Mr. Oluwa will maintain his position as the chairman for the party at the branch level and with the support of the executives ensure a positive campaign for the victory of the candidate.

As the people await the return of Baa Abora from the United Kingdom, the grounds is being prepared for a new Member of parliament for the constituency.

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