Oheneba K.B Recommends Incentives For O.FM Staff

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12088263_536295309871471_7507932702201371459_n The host of the popular mid morning show on O.FM Ghana dubbed “Work and Happiness” has voiced his sincere recommendation to the management of the radio station.

Oheneba Kwabena Badu, also known as Oheneba K.B made this statement when our reporter asked him about what he would want the management to do to improve the lives of presenters at O.Fm.

The mid morning show host related that, much is left to be done even though the management is presently being generous to presenters. He told our reporter that, if certain incentives like free accommodation, cars, and a raise in salary would be considered by management, it would motivate on-air performers to go the extra mile to do their job and also deter them from leaving the station.

He also thanked the august management for their good work this year, and hoped that his recommendation will be given serious attention in order to promote the radio station and its staff in 2016.

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