Open Letter to US Ambassador to Ghana by Lawyer Awuku

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Lawyer Seth Kwame Awuku (middle)

Prominent Ghanaian Lawyer Seth Kwame Awuku has reacted to a decision by the United States of America government to impress upon the government of Ghana to be granted a military base and other security facilities in Ghana.

Mr. Awuku in an open letter to the US Ambassador to Ghana on his facebook page described a $20 million annual investment in Ghana military in exchange for the said facilities a peanut.

The agreement between the two countries which was approved by cabinet last week is waiting for ratification by the parliament of Ghana.

Here’s the letter below

“Dear Mr. United States Ambassador to Ghana

Pursuant to the GHANA- US MILITARY COOPERATION WE ARE TOLD GHANA WILL GET a peanut $20 million Dollars a year in return to have a military base or facility in our country. Hmm, I wonder, was the agreement prepared by Donald Trump?

Mr US AMBASSADOR, we understand your security needs, and we know your America first policy in Global politics. But we are not a Banana republic in Ghana. U can not seek a base from us in perpetuity for 20 million dollars only.

Prior to your posting to Ghana l am unsure what u learnt about Ghana, but rest assured we in Ghana know what constitutes our national interest. Firstly, we are generally Pan-Africanists, and a serious leader in African including black American affairs. Respectfully Mr Ambassador in africa We led the whole independence movement in 1957 and succeeded in encouraging 16 Africans countries alone in the 1960s to achieve their independence including Nigeria in October 1960.lndeed, the independence movement that we in Ghana began in the 1950s South African ended in the 1990s

At the United nations level Ghana has also produced one of the finest Secretary Generals in the person of Dr Kofi Annan- an excellent Secretary General who served that world body with distinction. Continentally speaking also, what India’s prime minister, Mahatma Ghandi played in India, President Roosevelt played in the united States, Prime minister Churchill played in the United Kingdom, Mao Tse Tung played in China and Lennin in Russia, Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah played in continental Africa

We reject your 20 million dollars a year in the agreement and if you dare succeed with the executive branch we the people including civic society shall oppose it in totality. We seek 20 billion dollars Sir from Congress including providing us with modern technological agricultural practices and support our education sector by 50% in the next 25years from primary to university level and technological assistance and know how to process our gold and diamond. Lastly you shall also come to our defence in the event of any attack by any foreign nationnor terrorist attack

Thanks ambassador Jackson

signed : Seth Kwame Awuku

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