Top 10 Upcoming Rappers In Ghana

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In a recent Survey by the Aeonz Media Tribe, a research and showbiz think tank in Accra some rappers were listed as the top 10 most serious and prominent upcoming rappers.The survey was based on radio airplay, popularity of the artist, and social media influence of the rappers.According to Nana Asante Clickwise, a senior research associate and public relations manager for Aeonz Media, the list was carefully compiled and limited to the greater Accra region with specific emphasis on how trendy the artist has been between January 2019 and February 2020.The following is the line up according to the grading:1. Abankro2. Seke Jey3. Breakthrough4. Spag Maane5. Sesse Dor6. Rap Solja7. Thug B8. Lady Taita9. Ohene Jamaica10. Flexy BoneThe above is the list of rappers who were caught in the research categories set by Aeonz Media Tribe.According to AMT this is a true reflection of the survey though some people might disagree they a right to their own opinion.

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