Why You Must Visit Kenya with Kaya Tours

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Tourism in Kenya is the second-largest source of foreign exchange revenue following agriculture.The Kenya Tourism Board is responsible for maintaining information pertaining to tourism in Kenya.

Kenya – the name is almost synonymous with the word “safari”. Perhaps no other place on the planet conjures such a spirit of adventure and romance. For first-time visitors, the sheer diversity of things to do is dazzling. Wildlife, of course, is top on the list.

Witness throngs of wildebeast thundering across the savanna during the Great Migration in Maasai Mara, come eye-to-eye with an elephant in Amboseli, or marvel at Lake Nakuru flecked with thousands of flamingoes.

Kenya has diverse attractions to offer to our visitors. It is only a few countries around the world where one can relax on pristine sandy beaches like The SAROVA WHITESANDS and SAROVA GAME LODGE in Taita County and be able to see wildlife in all forms within a short distance.

Kenya has 60 National Parks and Reserves all with abundant wildlife. The spectacular wildebeast migration that occurs every year in Kenya’s most visited Maasai Mara National Reserve is referred to as the 7th new wonder of the world.

The scenery of Kenya is unique, the Great Rift Valley and the snow capped Mount Kenya, lying astride the equator, are breath-taking. There are myriads of activities which visitors can enjoy including rock climbing, white water rafting, bird watching and adventure. Kenya is also a land endowed with cultural diversity, pleasant weather all the year round and more importantly, hospitable people.

The diversity of Kenya’s tourism products further includes, ecotourism, sports and water based tourism, conference tourism and home stay tourism.

In the northern part of the country, they have the cradle of mankind from where we all originated, making Kenya a leader in heritage tourism. Kenya is therefore the ultimate destination offering unparalleled variety of travel and holiday experiences. As visitors say, it is indeed a magical destination.

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